Saturday, June 21, 2008

Hi guys! Meet Bailey's new buddy...NOT! He is a big froggie and Bailey is spending all his free time trying to catch him! Ha ha, I just stand by with Old Yeller and bark at him cause he is so stupid. Mom gets mad at him because he has wrecked her waterlilies--they are just starting to bloom and he keeps falling in and crushing them. I don't think the frog is too scared of him because he just sits there while Bailey goes crazy trying to reach him. He's not scared of mom either because she got real close to him to take this picture. Did you know Bailey doesn't swim very well?? Ha, he just flaps around when he falls in. Now he's laying in the sun. Mom yelled at him again for about the millionth time today and told him to get out of the water. I love it when Bailey gets in trouble. He is such a goody-four-paws.
So I overheard Mom and Dad talking. Mom is going away again. Bummer. She has to go for work. That means some of us go to the kennel. I think Bailey and I are staying home though, with Dad. Bear, Winston and Bandit are going to the kennel-camp. You wait, Bailey will pout and won't eat. And Dad will feel sorry for him and probly let him sleep on the bed or something like that.

Mom is trying to finish weeding the garden before she leaves so it won't be all weedy when she comes back. She's laying down newspaper and leaf stuff in the paths to keep the weeds down. We have excellent weeds here! And she still has some seeds to plant. But she might not get everything done. She has to make soap too. The other day it was Bunker Hill Day and it was a holiday. Why would anyone celebrate a hill?? Anyway, she made some lavender-teatree soap, it is pretty--just white with dark lavender 'frosting' on top. And she tried to make a coffee salt bar. She used coffee and that irish mocha fragrance and her other stuff. It's different. I guess. Anyway, she needs to make more Citrus Splash and Lavender soap this weekend. And something else too, I forget. She just got some fragrances for fall and winter soap. I smelled one, called Macintosh Apple and it smells just like fresh apples. And she got clove and cinnamon-vanilla and cranberry fig. I don't know what a fig is. I've eaten cranberries when Mom accidentally drops them on the floor. They are kind of tart, unless they have muffin wrapped around them. Anyway, that cranberry fig was not what she was expecting. But who knows.

If I can get the links to work I will send you to a fun game  Hot Dog Bush  helps you earn money for george bush for when he is done being president and needs a job. He is selling hotdogs. You know it's not as easy as it looks! Anyway, Mom made a whole bunch of money for him so she said he can leave sooner if he wants and open that hot dog stand anytime.

Hey I gotta go help my Mom finish the weeding. I will try to get back later and post another picture or two. Love, Me.

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