Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I'm Ba-a-a-a-ck! I have a new computer, finally! (er, well, technically Mom paid for it and she gets to use it first, but really it's mine, my Dad said so). Mom's crappy computer was not behaving. It would take forever to try to post anything on my blog.I feel bad that you all have been waiting to hear all the cool things I have been doing. I took some notes but I lost them when Mom was cleaning. She's always tossing stuff that belongs to me.) So I will try to remember everything...

Have I shown you this picture of oakmoss & honey soap already? Smells really nice. It is a mango butter soap. Mom hasn't made any soap in 3 weeks (until yesterday. she made some tangerine-lavender and some lavender/bergamot/cedarwood, they are still in the mold.) She's been busy. She went to Orlando (that's in a big place called flowerida or somethin'.) She had to go for work and was real crabby about it because she had to fly and she hates flying. She can't fly herself, she has to get on a plane. She might like it better if she could just fly like the birds do.) (Daddy made a broomstick crack but I don't get it so I won't repeat it.) Anyway, she went to Orlando and didn't bring me back anything! Winston and Bear got to go to camp while she was gone. It was just Bailey, Bandit and me. We had fun. She has to go to someplace called bethesda in June. I guess just Bailey and I are staying home with Dad, everyone else goes to camp while she is gone. That's ok, I like camp but my own pillow is best, ha ha.
Let's see, what else? Well, I am getting used to using a Mac computer. Yup, Mom bought a Mac, just like dad's. So she has TWO computers set up, mine (the Mac) and hers, the Dell. She is just using the Dell to print her soap labels or something like that. I don't know. I am finding it much easier to get online with the Mac and it's easier for me to use with my paws and all.
Did I tell you I have two frisbees now? Well, you saw my birthday gift. I have both of them out to play...Old Yeller and New Yeller. I switch back and forth. New Yeller flies a little better, but Old Yeller is my good buddy and I can catch him most of the time.
I haven't been watching the news much. Of course in China they had a huge earthquake (that's when the earth shakes around and knocks things over). A bazillion people got killed and who knows how many dogs, because it is China and no one cares about the dogs, except when they come up short on food, then they like us a LOT! All the schools fell down. Well, what did those people expect? Those buildings were made in China, for crying out loud. They are throw-away, just like everything else that is made in China. duh. Oh and if your child was killed or disabled in the earthquake, you can have another one, that's what the Chinese government says. Well maybe now the extra kids won't get left outside to die. Someone named 'sharon stone' said that the earthquake was Karma for all the bad juju that the chinese have been doing...like selling contaminated medicine. I am a dog, and we know a lot about Karma. And that's not Karma. The earthquake is because of the technicaltonic (or somethin like that) plates under the earth crashing into each other. There are a lot of technicalities underneath China I guess. Karma would be if you squished a bug and then came back as the same kind of bug. Or if you kicked your dog a lot, you would come back as a dog to learn what it's like from the other side. Karma is the principle that souls go through many lives to learn all the lessons that are needed to achieve something or other. Did I mention I am a dog and that is the reverse of god? I probably did already mention that. So just trust me on this one, ok?
And let's see, not much else on the snooze (er, I mean news). That Hilary lady keeps putting her foot in her mouth and her foot doesn't even look sore. That's the only time my foot goes in my mouth. I don't know about that Mccain guy. Is he the one who makes mayonnaise? I don't know, he looks crabby. And then there's Mr Obama. Not much to report there. BORING...at least so far. well, I can't vote anyway so why do I care? Later I will post some more and figure out some better pictures. But now, mom says that dinner is ready. YAY!! Back in a day or so!!