Sunday, August 24, 2008

I've been on summer hi-ate-us

...just like the TV shows! I'm back now though,  and I'll be better about letting you know what I think, I promise. Do you like this soap that I helped my mom make? It's a rosewood and patchouli hemp oil soap. I made the swirls. (not!) So, what have you been up to all summer? Me, just doing the usual--supervising my brothers, helping mom with the laundry and other chores, surfing the net for the news, and stuff like that.

We've had rain every weekend, tons of it, all summer. You should see our garden. I will try to take a picture of it soon.  The picket fence is working really well because none of us have been able to get in to get the tomatoes. We had a gazillion cucumbers and squash of course, and the beans grew almost too quickly to eat. Mom should have let Bandit in the garden though because something ate all of her lettuce and Bandit would have stopped that from happening. Now our tomatoes are ripening and our peppers are growing good. We've already had cabbage (I like mine steamed with hamburger mixed in--yum!) and celery too. So you can imagine that with all the rain Mom has spent a lot of time in the garden just weeding. Finally I suggested that she put newspaper down to keep the weeds under control and she did. There's still a lot of weeding but it's doing ok. 
Bailey is spending all his free time in the upper water-garden. He is trying to catch frogs. He's actually doing pretty good. Plus there are a bazillion tadpoles that are turning into frogs so he has plenty to do. But Mom gets upset with him--one day he spent almost 6 hours in the water and she had to put a leash on him to get him out. I help him by encouraging him and sometimes I push him a little with my frisbee. I think it's motivating for him to know I stand behind him! Plus, sometimes he falls into the main pond and that's funny because he can't swim!
Speaking of rain, Florida (that's the yard that my human brother Dan lives in) got a lot of it last week! He lives in Port Saint Lucie (like Lucy, my dead half sister who jumped in front of the snowplow to escape her crazy owners). He said their street had 2 feet of water on it but their house didn't get flooded 'cause it's on a bit of a hill.  That's good. And he works at the Walmart there and they are real busy now because people came through like a pack of locusts (those are bugs) and cleaned everything out to stock up 'just in case'.  And the TV news said there are alligators and snakes and such swimming in the streets. Bailey would think that is so cool!!

I had a bath yesterday. Ick. Mom made me, cause I'm allergic. It was a bath with oatmeal shampoo and now I smell awful, although Dad says he likes how I smell now. I had to go to the vet the other day because I was bleeding. I was real itchy and kept scratching. I tried to tell her it was blood from battling the giant weasel in the back yard but she didn't believe me. Now I'm on medicine to make the itch go away and more medicine to heal my boo-boos, which are infected cause there was dirt under my nails. Mom says I'm allergic to grass pollen and it'll go away when the frost comes. Okay, I guess. But no more baths. It ruins my bad-ass image. I don't even wear a collar anymore around the house, so I look like I live out in the wild. he, he. 

So that Mr. Obama is the one running for president. He has another person running with him, called a Mr. Biden.  I'm not sure yet how that is going to work. Mom said she was 'reserving judgement', whatever that means. (I think it's like when she is deciding whether or not to give us Greenies before dinner--there are good and bad cons-e-quences. (I just learned that word.).
But what she did tell me, and shhh, don't tell anyone else, is that people are saying Mr. McCain is going to have Mitt Romney run alongside him. OH NO. what a scary thought. You all know how I feel about him. He is an evil, dog-hating, blah blah.  Imagine having him a heartbeat away from being the 'leader of the free world dog pack'!! And that McCain guy is no spring chicken.He could keel over at any time. This is scary. It's like waiting for the dog-catcher when you are running loose without your tags. It's like going to the vet for all your shots, and the vet you like is out sick so you have to see the vet who uses your tail to stand you up straight (that's not what it's for, you're a doctor you should know that) and has a loud voice and cold hands. It shouldn't be allowed. We will just have to see what happens. but I promise you that if the Mittster is going to be running, I'll be campaigning against him. I'll make sure every dog in America knows the truth about him. 

Ah, Mom is going to make breakfast now. Did I mention I haven' t had breakfast yet? It's Sunday, so she usually makes us some scrambled eggs for our dog food. I'll check back in soon. What have you been up to?? Love, me.