Friday, June 6, 2008

Which is the mother and which is the daughter? DUH.

Well here is a picture of me and my mom. I am the cute one of course, the one with no gray hair. I look a little stressed out in this picture because what you can't see is that Bear is trying to take a walnut from the desk and it is MINE. I wanted Mom to re-snap the picture but she thinks I am adorable in it. she said we should have a picture together, and later a picture of me and my Dad, so that you could see the family resemblance. NOT. Well, except I do have my dad's nose, but that is another story for sure!! I have been waiting for it to stop raining but it is still icky outside. Mom made us go outside though, for a while in the rain...something about a spillage she had to clean up. It was pond salt. That's dried up ocean water. It goes in the pond to help the imaginary fish keep their slime coat. I'm not making this up. I think my mom imagines that there are fish in there. i never see them. Bailey does, or says he does, but he sucks up to mom big-time, so he could just be saying that. Anyway, when she came home today there was a box at the door. She had ordered some pond plant fertilizer and some pond salt. And the lid was completely off of the pond salt so it was loose in the box and slipping through the cracks. Salt is bad for dogs. I always thought it was the popcorn but it is the salt, or that's what the vet website says. So no more going to the movies for me, I only go for the popcorn. I'm kidding. I've never been to the movies. I have to watch them on cable. So anyway she made us go outside while she vacuumed and emptied the box of salt into a container. So I was outside in the rain. Ick. My feet were getting wet. I hate that. Do you think Hilary clinton will be the vice president contestant person? did I change subjects on you too quickly? it is supposed to be in it's own paragraph. English has lots of rules.

Okay. So Mr. Obama is going to run for the Big Dog job. He runs against Mr. McCain. And they both need assistant big dogs. I hope Mr. McCain does not pick Mitt Romney. I heard he ( M.R., the Anti-Dog) bought a house in California. He SAYS it is because his wife has horses she rides there or something. I THINK he is establishing his mailing address so he can run for governor of California. Let's all send him a postcard that says, "glad you are there and not here".Well, I hope he does and I hope he wins. And I hope California slides off the earth into the ocean while he is at home. Oh, sorry. Mom says that is not kind. I should think it, not say it. Okay. whatEVER.
Anyway Mr Obama has to pick a Big DogHelper too. And Hillary could be it. Or, who else? I'm not sure. She would be a good choice because she has a dog and he does not. That covers just about everybody then. Well, not the cat people but they are usually independent or something. There's just no telling what cat people are thinking.

Well, it is now time for us to have snackage. And Mom has to figure out something for dinner. I like to help because then I can nibble and everyone else has to just watch and drool. I will update you over the weekend on "stuff" (possibly inappropriate use of quotation marks. I will have my Dad check it for me. He was an English major, you know.) (I posted the links I am using to learn English writing...they are helpful. Also I posted a link to the Bad Dog Chronicles where I read about adventures that other dogs have had. Bear put some stories in there and so did Bandit, a long time ago! ) Enjoy.

Love, Me

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