Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Here's a look at my birthday gifts!!

Hey, here it is Wednesday already and I forgot to show you guys my birthday presents! See my new yellow frisbee? I took it out of the package but I am saving it for sometime later. I already told my brothers, no teeth marks in it that aren't mine! And we have eaten a lot of the treats in the bag (I was my usual generous self and Bandit and Winston seem to like them too!) And we've all nibbled on the bunny cookie a little bit. Course Bandit would rather nibble on a real bunny. He used to catch a bunny every year in the garden. Bandit's pretty fast for an old guy. He'd lay out there and pretend to be dead, and the bunnies would sneak in under the stockade fence and nibble on Mom's lettuce and stuff. And Bandit would just wait,and every day he'd lay a little closer to the garden, until one day, he'd wait til they were busy stuffing their little cheeks, and POW! he'd snag one and drag it around the yard. Then usually Bailey would steal it from him, and Mom would have to come out and break it up before someone got hurt. Sometimes Bandit catches skunks too, he doesn't even care if they spray him, he just bashes their heads in. NEVER cross that guy--he's my big bro. But now there's a picket fence around the garden, and Bandit can't get in there to snag any bunnies. I knew he was jonesing for a bunny, so I gave him a big piece of the ears off my bunny cookie. How sweet am I, huh?

Not much to report here. Mom and Dad were teaching a class on Saturday and Sunday, so they pretty much didn't have any time with us. I got Mom back by keeping her up almost all night last night, just bugging her and stuff. She was real tired today. She did get back at me by locking me out of the bedroom for the day. I had to nap in the living room with my brothers. That's no fun.

Mom made some soap on Monday night. Lemon Sugar (again, because some lady bought a whole bunch of it.) You already know what it looks like so I won't put a picture up. You'd rather see my presents anyway. And she made a lavender-bergamot-cedarwood combination out of the mango butter soap. It smells kinda good. Sorta Lavender-Woodsy. Bergamot is that stuff in Earl Gray Tea that makes it taste Earl Gray-ie. Mom really loves Earl Gray with a bit of lemon in it. Me, I pretty much drink water. Sometimes I have a few licks of Dad's coffee on Sunday mornings. It's yummy, but he says I shouldn't have caffeine. Mom likes drinking seltzer water and she offers it to me but I don't like the bubbles. Today Mom is drinking some green tea. It's called Green Caramel or something like that. The Tea Guys make it. Until recently they were right here in Florence, where we live, but they had to move to bigger space. They make all kinds of neat tea and ship it everywhere!

Right now Mom is making lamb chops in the oven. She took an egg and some worcestershire sauce and some red wine and used that to dip them in, then she put bread crumbs on them and stuck them in the oven. And she's making carrots and broccoli to go with them. They sure smell good. Maybe there will be a piece for me. I doubt she will do anything else tonight because she is real tired from me keeping her up all night. And she is working in Boston again tomorrow. That means she gets up at 430 in the morning. Which she tried to explain to me, feels like 330 because of that daylight savings thing. I don't care as long as I get breakfast before she goes! Then Friday she has to drive far away for a meeting. Friday is my Dad's birthday and she needs to have time to wrap his presents. I got him a nice shirt, I already told you that. And she got him a new coffee maker. And my brothers got him a new CD player for the bedroom because he likes to listen to music and his old one broke. No one got him a frisbee though. Guess he can use mine.

Well, now Winston appears to have peed in his diaper, and Bailey and Bear are arguing over a toilet tube roll. I better go check it out! Catch you guys in a couple days. Love, Me.

Friday, March 7, 2008

It's my birthday!!

Hey everybody! Today's my birthday! I'm seven years old. That's 49 human years!! Do you think I look old? The first picture is me today and the second picture is me from when I was about 3 years old. I think I look pretty good for my can't see any gray hairs or anything. My brother Bailey, on the other hand, has got a lot of white hair on his face and he's only one year older than me (he says he's going blond but I think it's white). And my brother Bear is nine and his face is really white. Whenever people see us together they always think Bear is older than Winston, but Winston is 10! Anyway, back to ME. I got some cool presents for my birthday. Maybe tomorrow I will post a picture of them. I got a new yellow frisbee, so I can start out the season fresh (but I will still love my Old Yeller, too, whenever I can find it again under all this snow.) And I got some special chicken and banana treats. I know that probably sounds gross but it's a tasty combination and has special stuff in it to make my eyes and coat shine. I'm the only one who likes them in my family. Mom says that's good because they cost six dollars for a little package. So they are only for me on special occasions. She was laughing in the store because they had a bag of chicken treats 'for a peaceful and calming lifestyle' and they had chamomile and lavender in them. I doubt that would help our pack!! And I got an Easter Bunny decorated dog cookie from the dogfood store. I guess I will only get little pieces of it so it will last a few days. Yummy! And of course I got a scrambled egg for breakfast and Dad said that he will take Mom out to dinner for my birthday and they will bring back a doggie bag for me. I guess they can't really take me to dinner with them, so this is the next best thing. And it was sunny most of the day and Mom was home until the middle of the morning so I got to play around outside. I guess it's going to rain all night and all day tomorrow. I don't care too much, as long as I don't have to be in the pouring rain. Maybe it will melt the snow faster.

I don't have anything to report. I didn't really do much thinking yesterday or today, except to wonder what I was getting for my birthday! Mom is letting me play with socks today AND she gave me two coupons for get out of jail free cards, so when I wake her up at 230 am I don't have to go into Winston's crate. Ha Ha, I will figure out when she will be the most tired and I am going to use those coupons. Mom did say though that she is kind of disappointed I didn't want to donate to a shelter. Well, maybe I will but not right now. I will need to do some research first.Maybe I would rather donate my time and work at a shelter. At Mom's job, people can get paid to work one day a month doing community service work. So Mom is probably going to sign up to help at the Northampton Survival Center or the Western Mass Food Bank because she likes those places and says they do good work. She is happy now that in Massachusetts there is a governor (that's the pack leader) who cares about everyone and wants to make people's lives better by getting people to help each other. I'm just happy that Mitt Romney is not our pack leader anymore! Need I say more? We all know how I feel about him. I think HE should have to volunteer his time in a shelter for dogs and cats and clean up their poop and stuff. But that might not be fair to the dogs and cats. Uh, I better stop because it sounds like I am going to rant and Mom said not on my birthday, she wants a quiet day with no hassles. Okay.

Mom is kind of mad at Winston. He has been having a pee-fest around the house. His diapers are always wet and she is doing a lot of laundry. She should have gotten him a dozen more diapers for his birthday!! And me, I am no trouble at all because I am just about perfect. They are so lucky to have me in their lives, I am like a little shining star.

Did I tell you that my Dad's birthday is on March 14? He is going to be 49 too!! Don't tell him but I got him a nice shirt from Eddie Bauer. Well, I picked it out in the catalog and Mom went and got it for me. He will like it. I might get him some greenies or some other kind of treats too. Not sure yet, depends on how much money I can scrounge out of the sofa.

There is some kind of a barkfest going on...not sure what it means but I need to go check it out. Maybe they are singing happy birthday to me? Bye for now.

Love, 7-year-old-me.