Wednesday, July 9, 2008

hey everybody? Did you forget about me??? I had to take a little break but I'm back now. Mom went away to a 'confrince' I don't know what that is but I'm glad she's back. She took a train and was gone a real long time, like maybe almost a week or so. Bailey and I kept my dad company while she was gone. My other brothers went to sleep-over camp. I kinda wish I went to sleep-over camp, except the beds are too hard for me. They don't allow pillows. Anyway, she was too busy when she came back to let me log on and post anything. As a result, I missed wishing everyone a happy Independence Day. I am still looking for a picture of the dogs that were at the Declaration of Independence signing. They must have been under the table or out in the back drinking water when the paparazzi were there. I think they were not in the room for the whole discussion, otherwise we would not be wearing collars and licenses today. Is that the second amendment thing, or is that the one about the bears? 

Here's a couple of funny things to look at. Well, the waterlily is not funny, it's pretty, isn't it? Still haven't seen any fish in the pond. Oh, and the froggie that has been living in the pond...well, I am sorry to inform you that he is dead. We believe it was amphibicide and the case is currently being investigated. There are two suspects, GBH (Great Blue Heron) and Bailey Clapp. There is no conclusive evidence though.  Aunt Lisa found him floating in the pond and he was all mangled. We need to get to the bottom of this so any other frogs that move in can be safe.  Don't worry. I am helping in the investigation. It is also possible that a load of mosquitoes did him in and just made it look like someone else did it.

And this is my rain barrel. Well, it belongs to mom and me. We bought it to help save water. Dad set it up for us, he had to get a connecting piece and then unhook the gutter and rehook it up.  He didn't feel like doing it in the rain (it has been raining A LOT!!!). Mom says that now it won't rain for the rest of the summer, because it's set up and ready to go.  Did you know that 700 gallons of water can roll off the average roof during the usual rain storm here in the Northeast? Mom and I will use the water for our flowers and for the garden too. The weeds look fantastic in the garden. Actually the plants are all doing ok too. Mom and I have been spraying with neem oil and that keeps the bugs from biting the plants and making them sick or dead. BUT, something bigger than bugs is coming into the garden and nibbling also. The other night Mom took us all out to pee before we went to bed and Bailey went crazy over by the back fence, looking up at one of the trees. He does that every night lately but he was really going nutso, so she walked over to take a look. The biggest, fattest creature was walking along the top of the fence, moving kind of slow. Mom said it was a possum, and it was very acrobatic because it is kind of wide to be doing that. Mom was nervous that she was making it nervous and it might fall into the yard. Possums can have rabies you know. We are all vaccinated but Mom is not.  They are kind of ugly and they have pointy little teeth. But I guess they eat bugs and mice and stuff. Maybe Bailey sees the possum every night. OR, it could be the bear. Dad saw him the other morning in our neighbors yard. Our neighbor is the one who feeds the bears. The bear knocks over the bird feeder and the man sets it back up again. I think that is the second amendment thing that the supreme court decided..the right to feed bears. He is a very big bear, much bigger than the mom bear and cubs that are usually around. He likes hanging around near Mom's flower garden on the side of the house near the neighbors yard. So, Mom doesn't really like going out there too much unless she brings Bear with her. (Our Bear, the Jack Russell.) I know it's confusing. Bear (dog) likes to hang around with Mom and won't run off, plus he would warn her if Bear (bear) came into the yard. BUT, Bear (dog) would probably be too dumb to leave Bear (bear) alone and Mom thinks he would be lunch so she won't go out there. Good thing those flowers like to be ignored. Dad told me that bears can eat Jack Russells in one or two bites. One time there was a bear in our tree and we were this close to him and he was swinging his paw at us. But Dad made us come inside.He said after we went inside the bear climbed right over our fence like it was nothing. Our fence is 6 feet tall!!  That bear was much smaller though. Would have taken 4 or 5 bites to eat one of us. And Winston, who has fought with a pit bull and won, would probably scare a bear away. Hee Hee!!

you know it is very hot lately. I have been staying cool by playing with the hose sprayer. I hope you are staying cool also. It's 8 pm now, and Mom needs to make my dinner, so I'm going to sign off now...this is Casey Clapp, signing off...I will see you later. Love, Me

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