Sunday, November 23, 2008

Hey you guys, what's going on? I promised I would check in more often and here I am! I've just been fooling around on the computer today because it is too cold to go outside. I know you think that because I'm a dog and automatically have a fur coat the cold should not be a problem, but hey! I DON'T WEAR SHOES OR A HAT, and I get cold!! Mom has offered to get me some shoes but I can't wear them, they bother my feet. And she says a hat would just fall off. So, even though it's only November and not even Thanksgiving yet, I'm hanging out by the woodstove and checking out the world on line.

Here is a picture of some of mom's soaps and stuff at a craft fair she did a couple weeks ago. Pretty. They smell pretty good too. We didn't see her for weeks before it, she was always in the workshop making soap. Now she is down there again, 'cause she sold all of her soap and needs to make more. so, like, what was the point? She could have just saved the soap she had and then she wouldn't have to make more. Humans are very strange.  We are not allowed in the workshop because of some dangerous stuff, I forget what it is. Plus, Bear tries to steal the bath poufs to play with and once he tried to eat a sugar cookie wax tart. (once!!) No dogs allowed. 

I was going to put a picture of me up but I can't find one that you haven't already seen. well, Mom did take some pictures last time we went to grandma's house but they make me look kind of fat. Maybe I will put one up next time.
I am still looking for Old/New Yellers. PLEASE, please if you see them will you let me know? I miss them and it's getting cold outside at night. I am kinda worried about them. ...I'm back now. I had to go see what was going on with my bro Winston. Mom is real mad at him. She says he's getting crazier every day. He peed in all his diapers just since this morning so she is doing laundry again. Seems like he's having a lot of days like that. Plus he growls and stuff and picks fights with us for no reason. So Mom just put his fleece jacket on and told him to go outside and play for a while.  Mom says he has some kind of disease and it's not his fault but it's still not a good thing. 
Yesterday Mom and her friend Sue, and Sue's mom Mary went to that Snow Farm Artists Sale like they did last year in November. Check out my old post from last November for a link to that place. Mom got a pair of copper earrings and a peace dove pin for her coat. There was some very cool stuff there, but she said she wouldn't take me because there was a lot of breakable stuff and sometimes I am clumsy. Like she saw a beautiful Josh Simpson megaplanet for $5000 and the first thing she said to Sue was, 'let's just back away now!' Do you know about Josh Simpson? He is married to Cady Coleman the astronaut. He makes amazing glass art objects. Dad's previous girl Jack Russell, Jasmine, gave him a beautiful little planet one year for his birthday. He keeps it on his bedside stand and sometimes he tells me about her and why she chose it for him. You can see some pictures and read Josh Simpson's funny timeline here  There are beautiful pictures and some cool videos of how he makes his planets. Wild. some of them are called inhabited planets...I wonder who lives there and if they know how cool their planet is? He lives in Western MA. We have lots of cool stuff in Western MA. All those Boston people think we are in the boonies--they have no idea, which Mom says is good, because if they did they would all be here and we would be miserable.

Uh oh. I gotta run. Mom just yelled at me for pushing the clean clothes off the bed and onto the floor. I was looking for socks, that's all, and it was an accident. But I guess I better go clean it up. I will chat with you later. Love, Me.

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