Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Veterans Day

FREEDOM....is being able to run as fast as you can without a leash or a fence to stop you. FREEDOM.... is being able to take a nap whenever you please. FREEDOM.... is being able to hang out with dogs that are different colors and are from different places, just because you like them. FREEDOM.... is being able to bark at the moon just because you want to.  FREEDOM....is what I have and I just want to thank everyone who has protected my country and kept it free for more than 30 dog years. (which is more than 200 human years because you count differently.)

So I'm sorry I have neglected you terribly. I've been so very busy--you know how it is, supervising 4 other dogs can be very time-consuming. Here it is November 11 already, my goodness we are on our way to another cold New England winter. Ick.  But Mom has the woodstove going today so it is nice and cozy in here. See this picture? It is at my grandma's property (my human grandma). She has 90 acres of mostly woods and Mom and Dad took Bailey and me for a hike a couple days ago.  We ran and ran and ran. It was lots of fun, a lot muddier than Mom thought it would be.  We like mud but she wasn't wearing the right shoes for mud. Ha ha. At one point I thought they got lost because I couldn't find them. But they were just pretending to hide from me.  That wasn't funny I was really worried about them.  Plus, my grandma has bears and coyotes. What if they ran into them?  Hey, what if I ran into them?  And Bailey really took off. He is such a show-off. He is always bragging about how his father was a champion racer blah blah blah. Dad would have to whistle real loud every few minutes so Bailey would remember to come back. We had tons of fun and we were both really pooped out. I can't wait to go again.

So what's new with you all?  I'm kind of bummed because Old Yeller and New Yeller have gone temporarily missing. I can't find them anywhere so I have to play with that stupid green frisbee that is all cracked and hurts my mouth. Mom said she didn't want to get me a new one in case the others showed up, they would be jealous. Mom has been very busy making soap and stuff. She went to something called a 'craft fair' the other day and sold it all. So now she has to make more.  Why would you make it and then not keep it?  Humans don't make sense sometimes. 
And I can sleep better at night, knowing that the Romney guy will not be in charge of anything, at least for a while. Mr. Obama won being the top dog and will be taking over the kennel soon. That was a relief because even though the McCain old fart didn't pick the Mittster, he picked some lady named Sarah that gave Mom the willies. Dad didn't mind McCain and he said the Sarah lady was 'hot', but I think he was just trying to irritate Mom.  And I guess there's some big problem with money and jobs and stuff in the whole country. Lots of places are closing and people are losing their jobs and their houses. That's scary. I haven't had a chance to read much of it, I've just been listening to Mom and Dad. They say it's not good right now, but maybe in a couple years it will get better, and that everyone, dogs included, has to watch their pennies. If you know me at all, I haven't really paid much attention to pennies. I'm more of a quarter person myself, because when I pick quarters up and run around with them, Mom gives me cookies. She has always told me pennies aren't worth any cookies so I don't play with them. Maybe I should remind her that pennies can add up, there's usually some on the floor and I might get more cookies out of her. He he. Okay, now I PROMISE I will be back soon to check in with you. I PROMISE. Oh, and I've started making my Christmas wish list. Have You?  
Bye for now, love Casey.

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